Announcing Koyeb Log Exporter

Announcing Koyeb Log Exporter

2 mins read

14 December, 2023
Boris Tane
Founder @Baselime
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We're excited to introduce the Koyeb Log Exporter to Baselime, a seamless solution for exporting logs from your Koyeb services to Baselime.

Koyeb is a developer-friendly serverless platform to deploy apps and databases globally without servers, infrastructure or ops managements.

This one-click integration enables you to deploy the Koyeb Log Exporter Service to automatically export logs to Baselime in real-time.

3 Simple Steps for Koyeb Observability

  • Get your Baselime API key from the Baselime Console
  • Install the Log Exporter using the Koyeb 1-Click Apps catalog.
  • Resolve errors before they become problems: Baselime surfaces all errors from your application logs such that you can resolve them before your users (or your boss) notice.

For deeper observability in your stack, instrument your application with one of our OpenTelemetry SDKs for distributed tracing across your app.

Why Baselime on Koyeb?

We index all your logs, regardless of their cardinality or dimensionality, so you can ask any question of your data.

  • Seamless Integration: Baselime's integration with Koyeb requires no code changes, providing immediate visibility into applications.
  • Comprehensive Log Analysis: Full-text search and regular expressions across all your logs.
  • Real-time Error Tracking: Identify and resolve issues before anyone else even notices.
  • Metric-based Alerting: Receive alerts based on derived metrics from your logs, always stay ahead of problems.
  • Customizable Dashboards: Build dashboards based on derived metrics from your logs.
  • Live Tail Logs: Tail your logs in both the Baselime console and Baselime CLI for dynamic, real-time monitoring.
  • Fast Complex Queries: Baselime enables fast and efficient complex queries across your logs, enabling in-depth analysis.

What’s next?

We are working on the next generation of observability tooling and we recently released our AI copilot in alpha: Tux. Tux will help you debug issues in your application on demand.

P.S.: Share your thoughts and feedback with us! Connect with us on Twitter or join our community. Let's shape a superior development experience together!

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