# OpenTelemetry

If your codebase is already instrumented with OpenTelemetry, you can start sending your traces, metrics and logs to Baselime today.

# Configuration

# Endpoint

  • HTTP:
    • otel.baselime.io/v1/traces - traces
    • otel.baselime.io/v1/metrics - metrics
    • otel.baselime.io/v1/logs - logs
  • gRPC: otel-ingest.baselime.io:8443

# Headers

x-api-key: <BASELIME_API_KEY>
x-baselime-dataset: <YOUR_DATASET> # Optional, defaults to "otel"

# Debugging

If events do not appear in the Baselime Console enable DEBUG logging using the sdk or collector you are using.

For our OpenTelemetry Distros add the env OTEL_LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG to enable debug logging.

If you use the OpenTelemetry Collector follow the debugging steps in the troubleshooting guide.

# Baselime OpenTelemetry for Platforms

OpenTelemetry for AWS Lambda
OpenTelemetry for Cloudflare Workers

# Baselime OpenTelemetry Distros


# AWS PrivateLink

Baselime supports AWS PrivateLink for OpenTelemetry.

AWS PrivateLink for OpenTelemetry