Developer-first observability for serverless

Baselime is an Observability as Code platform based on OpenTelemetry that makes it easy for your team to resolve incidents and performance bottlenecks in your serverless applications.

Adopt Observability as Code

Adopt Observability as Code to eliminate chaos from your serverless applications. Integrate observability in your Continuous Deployment pipelines, documents your dashboard and alerts, and increase your team velocity.

Improve your serverless development workflows

Embrace observability driven development and tame your serverless operational complexity

Improved configuration consistency
Standardise the setup of your queries, alerts and dashboards with Observability as Code.
Reduced Mean Time To Recovery
Recover from incidents faster. Use wide structured events to find issues deep in your serverless applications.
Higher deployment frequency
Deploy with more confidence in your code. Ship more features, more often, with fewer defects.
Reduced alert fatigue
Work with Service Level Objectives and set up alerts only for issues impacting your core user experience.

Understand your serverless stack

Identifying bottlenecks and resolving incidents in your serverless applications should not be a pain. Stop aimlessly firefighting when there's an outage. Spot the affected services and identify the root cause in minutes, not hours.

Baselime gives you the right tools to reliably observe your serverless stack.

Collaborate with your team

Identifying and fixing issues in modern software infrastructure is a team sport. We share stack traces, copy/paste logs, reference docs, etc... all in chat tools. We can do better.

Baselime is the collaboration platform where your team can debug serverless applications.

Observability for serverless applications made simple

Boost your team productivity

Get started in minutes
Instrumenting your serverless stack for observability is easy. Baselime integrates with your systems using CloudFormation and OpenTelemetry.
Always bet on code
You have already adopted Infrastructure as Code, but your observability configurations are all done clicking around dashboards. It's time to transition to Observability as Code, make observability a first class citizen of your development life cycle.
Structured events, metrics and much more
Baselime gathers your raw data and aggregates it in the shape you need when you need it. We collect structured events and metrics, and we let you slice and dice your data at will.
Observability is multiplayer
Fixing production defects and outages require a lot of collaboration, knowledge sharing and cooperation. Stop pasting logs in Slack collaborate from within your observability platform, Baselime.

Get alert fatigue under control

Your team doesn't have to be alerted multiple times a day for defects which do not impact your user experience. Adopt Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and only set up alerts which are relevant to your users and your business.

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