Resolve issues before they become problems

Use logs, metrics and distributed tracing to detect, diagnose and resolve issues before they impact your users.

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Observe all your apps

Baselime is a modern observability solution designed for the next generation of applications: the edge, serverless and containers.

See errors in real-time

Stop hoping on users to report bugs and issues. Baselime automatically discovers errors in your logs, traces and wide events, and sends you a notification when you need to take action.

Logs and Tracing with OpenTelemetry

Get all the data you need to investigate errors and performance issues, from logs to traces. Instrument everything without any vendor lock-in.

Powerful search and query engine

High cardinality and dimensionality with unlimited number of keys are the core of Baselime. Query against any nested field in your data and surface anomalies.

Troubleshoot at the speed of thought

Search through millions of logs, metrics, and traces in milliseconds. We built a query engine on top of ClickHouse that enables unbelievably fast queries on high-cardinality and dimensionality data.

Resolve issues as they occur

Baselime ingests data from your application in real-time. Telemetry data is available for you to query or alerting within seconds of being generated by your application.

Minimise downtime

Baselime captures vital metadata such as hostname, hostID, serverless function name, service name alongside your telemetry data. This context enables you to diagnose issues faster.

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