Real-time error tracking

Baselime's real-time error tracking captures errors within the context of your applications. No need for an SDK; all errors from your logs and traces are automatically captured and surfaced.

How to track Errors

Emit events from your apps
Events could be logs, traces or wide events, all automatically captured by Baselime.
Set your notification channels
Baselime will track errors and send you the ones that need your attention in real-time.
Investigate and resolve errors
Use the Baselime query engine to investigate all the errors in your app with rich context.

Real-time error detection

Receive instant alerts as Baselime captures errors in real-time within their context.

Get the full picture

Baselime tracks errors with the full context of the request and/or trace where they occurred, and links to the line of code that created the issue.

Don’t bloat your app with an SDK

Baselime tracks errors across your app using your logs and distributed traces. No need for an external SDK.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up Baselime for error tracking?
How quickly are error notifications delivered?
Is an SDK required for Baselime's error tracking?
What platforms are compatible with Baselime?
Is there a free tier available for error tracking on Baselime?

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