Logs at scale

Slice and dice petabytes of logs. All your logs and nested fields are indexed for queries and full-text search, regardless of their cardinality.

How to use Baselime Logging

Setup Baselime Logging
Connect your cloud account or use our SDKs. That’s it.
Print to stdout/stderr
Write to standard output in your applications. Baselime collects logs automatically.
Search anything, anywhere
Full-text search, filters, regular expressions, all you need to investigate your logs.

The fastest log search

Baselime is built on top of ClickHouse, the fastest database in the world. Our tech enables you to run arbitrary queries on any fields in your logs extremely fast.

Control the tsunami of observability data

Your apps emit more logs than ever. Control your costs with multiple storage tiers, customizable retention periods, and the ability to drop logs from entire services, individual nodes, or specific fields before ingestion.

Real-time alerting

Create derived metrics from your logs and Baselime will send alerts when thresholds are exceeded or when errors are found in your logs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see logs from multiple services in a single view?
Is there a limit to the log volume that can be processed?
Can I set up real-time alerts based on log events?
Are all log fields indexed and searchable?

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