OpenTelemetry Observability with Baselime

OpenTelemetry distributed tracing, logs and metrics, all instantly queryable and searchable

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UUID Rocks
Layer 3
Instrument once, export everywhere
Instrument your applications with OpenTelemetry and avoid vendor lock-in.
OpenTelemetry Distros
Use Baselime OTel distros made for serverless stacks to abstract boilerplate and simplify your code.
Full-text search
Search through all your OpenTelemetry traces.
Real-time error tracking
Stay ahead of issues with automatic error tracking based on your traces.
Use your preferred exporter.
Custom alerts
Get alerts based on custom metrics derived from your traces when something is not right.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Baselime?
Is Baselime free to use?
Can I control the data Baselime receives?
Can I use Baselime without OpenTelemetry?
How is Baselime different from other logging solutions?

Instrument with OpenTelemetry now

Instrument your applications with OpenTelemetry and start resolving errors before they become problems.

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