Automate your observability journey

Baselime's API-first design integrates with your stack. Just choose your IaC, create your dashbaords and alerts, and deploy.

How to Start with Observability as Code

Choose your IaC solution
Baselime integrates with popular Infrastructure as Code frameworks.
Automate your observability
Manage queries, alerts and dashboards, all in your natural language: code.
Deploy observability
Run your deploy command and relax, it's all automated

Stop clicking in web interfaces

With Baselime's Observability as Code, you can manage your entire observability lifecycle without ever leaving your code editor. Create alerts as you are building your application, without loosing any context.

Stay within your stack

Baselime's Observability as Code integrates with popular Infrastructure as Code tools like Terraform, AWS CDK, SST, CloudFormation and the serverless framework. You don't need to learn yet another markup language

Tinker with the API directly

Use Baselime API to create a bespoke observability experience. Custom alerts that trigger based on a spcific flows in your application? Piece of cake.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Observability as Code?
Which Infrastructure as Code frameworks does Baselime integrate with?
How does Observability as Code enable more powerful observability?
Is there a free tier available for Observability as Code in Baselime?

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