Actionable real-time alerts

Don’t let your users report incidents to you. Keep track of critical events in your applications and react to them before your users notice.

How to Get Started with Baselime Alerts

Define alerts thresholds
Define your thresholds and alert trigger conditions.
Integrate with your stack
Receive real-time notifications in your preferred channels.
Anticipate bug reports
Resolve issues before your users report them.

Proactive real-time alerting

Baselime will send you an alert for every new error as they occur in your stack. Stop relying on users to report issues, be the first one to know about them.

Your alerts, where you want them

Baselime natively integrates with Slack and webhooks for alerting. The possibilities are limitless.

Alerts from logs and traces

Baselime derives metrics from logs and traces. Anything that you send to Baselime can be used for alerting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I receive automatic notifications for error surges?
Can I integrate Baselime's alerts with Slack?
Can I create alerts from logs or traces?

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Start resolving issues today.
Without the hassle.
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