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Hey Tux! 👋 This transaction seems slow, can you please tell me more?


Tux gathers data about your trace, the correlated logs, details of your architecture and analyses it all


Sure! The duration of calls to fetch GET / have a P90 of 612ms but there are spikes up to 2288ms, especially for the Mozilla/5.0 (X11\; Fedora\; Linux x86_64\; rv:94.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/95.0 user agent.

The duration of the specific trace you shared (traceId: 503eeeefad393e47a5caf295368a53b8) is 2262ms. This is quite high and is an outlier.


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How can I improve this?


The added latency is mostly due to the call to queue REQUEST_BIN. Check the size of the payload you send to the queue. Large payloads typically lead to higher latencies.

Additionally, you could make I/O calls in parallel: queue REQUEST_BIN, kv USER put and durable durable_object:X could be in parallel instead of sequentially. The will reduce the latency of this transaction.

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