Baselime 🤝 Vercel Marketplace

Baselime 🤝 Vercel Marketplace

2 mins read

18 October, 2023
Boris Tane
Founder @Baselime
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The Baselime Vercel Integration is now on the Vercel Marketplace! It’s never been easier to get best in class observability for your apps on Vercel.

3 Simple Steps for Vercel Observability

  1. Visit the Vercel Marketplace:

Head to the Vercel Marketplace and find the Baselime integration.

  1. One-Click Integration:

Integrate Baselime into your Vercel project with a single click. It's that straightforward!

  1. Resolve errors before they become problems:

Baselime lets you know of every new error in your Vercel app so that you can resolve them before any of your users (or your boss) notice.

Why Baselime on Vercel?

  • Seamless Integration: Baselime's integration with Vercel requires no code changes, providing immediate visibility into applications.
  • Comprehensive Log Analysis: Full-text search and regular expressions spanning edge, function, and build logs, ensuring a thorough examination of your application's behaviour.
  • Real-time Error Tracking: Identify and resolve issues before anyone else even notices.
  • Metric-based Alerting: Receive alerts based on derived metrics from your logs, enabling proactive responses to potential problems.
  • Customizable Dashboards: Pre-defined and customizable dashboards that provide visual representations of data and traffic patterns.
  • Live Tail Logs: Baselime offers live tail logs in both the Baselime console and Baselime CLI for dynamic, real-time monitoring.
  • Service Discovery: Baselime understands your architecture and discovers new services as you deploy more apps.
  • Fast Complex Queries: Baselime enables fast and efficient complex queries across your logs, facilitating in-depth analysis.

What’s next?

This is just the beginning of our support for Vercel applications. Over the next few weeks we aim to release:

  • Support for OpenTelemetry tracing on Vercel
  • Automatic Error Tracking for front-end applications
  • Real User Monitoring for other front-end frameworks

P.S.: Share your thoughts and feedback with us! Connect with us on Twitter or join our community. Let's shape a superior development experience together!

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