More for Free and Burst Protection

More for Free and Burst Protection

2 mins read

20 October, 2023
Boris Tane
Founder @Baselime
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The cost of observability should be simple, transparent, and predictable. That's why our pricing aligns perfectly with these principles. As of today, we're introducing a more generous free plan, increasing the limit from 4 million events per month to a larger 20 million events per month. This change is all about making observability accessible and straightforward for everyone.

Predictable Observability Pricing

One of the most significant challenges in observability has been the complexity of pricing models. We simplify this. Our pricing structure emphasizes the predictability of your observability costs.

There's just one metric to consider: the number of events your system emits. No hidden fees, no complex per-seat or per-service calculations, just a clear and simple pricing model based on the volume of events you're emitting. This singular focus on events makes estimating and understanding your costs easy.

Every engineer can estimate the number of events their apps emit based on their code and system architecture. This transparency enables you to make informed decisions about observability without surprises in the billing.

Event Width Doesn't Matter

We want to encourage you to enrich each of your events, whether they are logs or trace spans, with as much data as possible, such that you can effectively answer questions when it comes to investigating your app behaviour.

That’s why Baselime ingests all the events your app emits, whether they have 5 dimensions or 300 dimensions, all for the same cost. You won't be penalized for having rich event data. This encourages thorough instrumentation without concerns about added expenses.

Introducing Burst Protection

We understand that systems can sometimes experience sudden surges in traffic, be it expected or unexpected. We're introducing Burst Protection. No need to worry if, on any given day, your events exceed the expected daily limit set in your plan. Baselime will continue ingesting your data without this burst in traffic counting toward your monthly events count.

We allow up to three burst days per month so you don’t have to worry about occasional spikes in traffic causing unexpected charges or limitations. It's our way of saying we've got your back, even during those unexpected traffic surges.

What's next?

Not only are we committed to making observability predictable, we also accommodate for the changing needs of your applications. We're here to ensure your observability experience is both seamless and cost-effective.

So why wait? Start observing with confidence and take advantage of our more generous Free plan with Burst Protection today. Your observability just got simpler, more accessible and highly predictable.

Your thoughts and feedback are always welcome; connect with us on Twitter or join our community. Let's make observability better, together!

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