👋 Say Goodbye to Confusing Error Messages with Baselime AI

Boris Tane
Founder at Baselime
21 April, 2023
Baselime AI simplifies debugging by providing clear explanations for any chart, log, event, metric or trace.
Say Goodbye to Confusing Error Messages with Baselime AI

If you’re a serverless software engineer, you know the feeling of staring at a confusing stack trace or error message and being unsure how to proceed. You dig through logs and metrics, hoping to find a clue, but often end up spending hours on what could be a simple fix. I’ve lived through it and I believe debugging should be painless. That’s why I’m so excited to announce the launch of Baselime AI. Our latest feature uses OpenAI APIs to provide developers with AI-powered explanations for any type of log, event, metric, trace or chart in the Baselime observability solution.

The Frustrations of Debugging

Debugging is an integral part of software development but it can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. You're tasked with identifying and fixing errors that can occur in complex systems with multiple components but the error messages you receive can often be difficult to interpret. On top of that, sometimes the error messages don’t even provide enough information to diagnose the issue.

That’s why we built Baselime AI. By providing detailed, plain English explanations for logs, events, traces, metrics and charts, your new AI-powered copilot streamlines the debugging process, giving you more time to focus on what matters: building and innovating.

How Baselime AI Works

Baselime AI leverages the power of OpenAI's language models to explain any type of message or chart. When you encounter a message or chart that you're unsure how to interpret, simply click the "✨ Ask AI" button, and Baselime AI will provide you with a detailed explanation in plain English.

For example, let's say you're looking at a chart that shows a sudden increase in response times. With Baselime AI, you can click the "✨ Ask AI" button and the AI will tell you that the spike was likely caused by a performance degradation in your database and point you in the right direction to resolve the issue.

Baselime AI explaining a chart

Baselime AI can also help you debug systems that you didn't necessarily work on or build. For example, if you're paged at 11pm to debug a system built by a different team, you can quickly understand the system's behaviour and identify the root cause of the issue with AI-powered explanations.

Baselime AI explaining a log line

Moreover, Baselime AI provides a more accessible way of interpreting messages and charts. There are probably different levels of technical expertise within your team so Baselime AI's plain English explanations can make it easier for anyone to understand what's happening in your serverless architecture.

Baselime AI suggesting next steps
Baselime AI suggesting next steps

Try Baselime AI Today

I’m thrilled to introduce Baselime AI as the newest addition to our observability solution. Our mission at Baselime is to make debugging painless and accessible for all serverless software engineers, and Baselime AI is a significant step towards achieving that goal.

If you're interested in trying out Baselime AI, sign up for a trial on our platform today, it’s free. I truly believe that you'll love how this feature can help streamline your debugging process and make your life easier. Thank you for choosing Baselime as your go-to observability solution.

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