Baselime + Webhooks - Receive Alerts Anywhere

Max Diamond
Software Engineer at Baselime
31 August, 2022
We are excited to launch our webhooks integration. The Baselime webhooks integration empowers you and your team to build powerful custom processes that react to alerts in your serverless architecture in real time. Incident management, self-healing systems, runbooks, etc. are all automated.
Baselime + Webhooks - Receive Alerts Anywhere

Why Webhooks?

Webhooks open a near infinite number of possibilities to build your tooling and processes on top of Baselime. Whilst we’re always expanding Baselime to further integrate into your stack natively, we also want to give you the building blocks to enhance your experience to better fit the specific needs of your team.

For instance, we at Baselime like to store all of our alerts in Notion documents, this enables us to have the context of each incident when we’re writing post-mortems. Using webhooks, we can automate the creation of said post-mortems with context from the alerts using a serverless compute function and Notion’s API.

Another use case could be to trigger self-healing systems to resolve the incident without the intervention of a developer or notifying customers of potential “downtime” whilst a service is fixed; the possibilities are endless.

How to Set Up Webhooks?

Create a new channel using either Baselime CLI or the web console. Set the type under properties to webhook, and add one or multiple valid URLs as one of the targets .

Webhook channel

You can then add this channel to an alert.


When the alert is triggered, Baselime will make HTTP requests to all the URLs in the channel using the POST method. Each request carries an event similar to the example outlined below.

Webhook payload

Don't hesitate to check out the docs to learn more about our webhooks integration.

If you’d want to give Baselime a try, just let us know, and we’ll help you get set up!

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