We raised £1.5m to make Observability as Code the new norm

We raised £1.5m to make Observability as Code the new norm

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25 July, 2022
Boris Tane
Founder @Baselime
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We're thrilled to share that we have raised a total of £1.5m pre-seed funding with world-leading investors. Join us in building the future of observability for serverless applications.

Our pre-seed round includes funding from our participation in Arc, Sequoia Capital's catalyst for outlier founders, as well as funding from Forward Partners, Octopus Ventures, Antler, and angels including David Gildeh (Observability leadership at Netflix) and Tim Kimball (Head of Engineering at Many Pets). We're very excited to announce this milestone and look forward to working with our investors on our journey to make Observability as Code the new norm.

Serverless technologies constitute the next evolution of cloud computing. They allow engineering teams to move at greater velocity by considerably reducing the operational toil necessary to run applications in the cloud. The serverless ecosystem is rapidly growing and is expected to reach $24.4bn by 2025.

However, adopting serverless architectures generally introduces an explosion in operational complexity. Developers typically go from a small number of microservices to hundreds of cloud functions almost overnight. Additionally, patterns such as event-driven architectures and least-privilege permissions are growing in popularity with serverless developers. The combination of these factors renders adequate monitoring and observability essential for maintaining and improving these applications. Fifty-eight percent of software engineering teams say that debugging and monitoring are their biggest challenges when adopting serverless technologies.

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We have built a unique Observability as Code platform specific to serverless architectures to help software teams tame their operational complexity. Observability is the practice of actively asking questions about the health of a system and identifying errors. Our goal is to make it easier for developers to debug their serverless applications, by facilitating and automating the integration of observability best practices in their applications. Making observability part of the software development process, rather than a post-deployment afterthought. Traditionally, observability has been an afterthought that requires installing agents to monitor the behaviors of an application after it was deployed in production.

Baselime takes a radically different approach. Instead of deploying agents to instrument an application for observability, Baselime empowers software developers to bake in instrumentation and to write their observability configurations, as code, while simultaneously writing their application code. This results in improved productivity and ultimately reduces the time to address defects and incidents in serverless-native applications.

The pre-seed funding will be used to expand our product, engineering, and growth teams. This will enable us to considerably accelerate our product development and more importantly, fuel developer adoption.

If you want to help us build the future of observability, join us!

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