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Thu May 11 2023

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Invocations View

Easily view all the Lambda function invocations that match a query. In addition to raw events, traces, and visualizations, this new feature provides you with a complete picture of your serverless functions.

Error Aggregation

Easily view all the errors for each service or Lambda function on a single screen. Errors are automatically grouped using vector distances so you can identify and resolve issues faster.

Service Health

With the new Service Health screen, you can get an at-a-glance view of your serverless services’ health. It includes key metrics like the number of invocations, number of errors, cold starts, number of alerts triggered, p99 latency and cold starts.

Service health
Service health

Multi-account and multi-environment support

You can now use our observability solution across multiple accounts and environments. This feature provides flexibility and scalability, allowing you to manage your serverless infrastructure more efficiently.

Simplified AWS Account Connection

With the simplified steps to connecting your AWS account, you can start running queries on your telemetry data with just a few clicks. We securely connect to your account through CloudFormation, and we keep you informed of the status of the integration at all times in the console.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improved the reliability of our ingestion pipelines
  • Improved the quality of Baselime AI answers with better prompt engineering
  • Improved latency of the Baselime query engine, you should expect 40% faster queries
  • Changed the URL of the charts displayed in Slack alerts
  • Changed the URLs used to query telemetry data
  • Simplified the dashboard schema
  • Removed the namespaces command in the Baselime CLI
  • Made the frequency and window optional when defining an alert, with default values 1 hour.
  • Enabled the baselime pull command to clone existing and discovered services
  • Added filters and calculations
    • STDDEV
  • Added calculation alias to queries
  • Fixed timezone mismatch when selecting a timeframe from charts
  • Added individual pages for invocations
  • Added sorting to services and functions tables
  • Removed the “Discovered” on discovered services