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Trace Diagrams

We are super excited to introduce trace diagrams in Baselime! Now you can view all the traces in the console as trace diagrams alongside trace timelines. This new view enables you to quickly understand the architecture of your services and easily pinpoint hot spots in the traces. Take a visual approach to observability and gain valuable insights effortlessly.

Live Tail for Logs and Invocations

We understand the importance of real-time monitoring, and that’s why we’re excited to announce the live tail feature for logs and invocations in the console. When viewing an AWS Lambda function, you can now live tail the logs and invocations of the function. This enables you to visualise the latest events in real-time and take immediate action when needed.

Invocations Live Tail
Invocations Live Tail

ECS Services (Fargate + EC2)

We’re pleased to introduce native support for Amazon ECS services, including Fargate and EC2, in the Baselime console. It allows you to view and query all logs and traces, as well as access metrics from your ECS services. ECS stops being a blind spot in your microservices stack.

Amazon ECS Support
Amazon ECS Support

DynamoDB Tables

In our continuous effort to expand our native support, Baselime now offers native support for DynamoDB Tables. Effortlessly view and query all the traces of processes that accessed your DynamoDB Tables and slice & dice your DynamoDB Table metrics. Dive deep into your DynamoDB performance and uncover valuable insights to optimize your database operations.

View in the AWS Console

We made it even easier for you to investigate and resolve issues by introducing the “View in AWS” button. Every resource in the Baselime console has a direct link to the corresponding AWS console page. Spotted something odd on a resource? Click the button and quickly navigate to the AWS Console for more. Seamlessly bridge the gap between Observability and Infrastructure for a smoother troubleshooting experience.

View in AWS
View in AWS

Improvements & Fixes

  • Added tooltips throughout the console to improve navigation
  • Improved the performance of Service Discovery
  • Enabled Service Discovery for SQS Queues, DynamoDB Tables, Kinesis Data Streams and ECS services
  • Improved the onboarding flow with personalisation options