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App Runner Support

Baselime now integrates with AWS App Runner! All logs generated by your App Runner services are now automatically captured and ingested into Baselime. This enables you to slice and dice App Runner logs just like any other dataset in Baselime, giving you complete visibility into your application’s performance.

Multiple Group By’s in a Query

We received feedback from many of you wanting to run queries with multiple group by’s, so we made it happen. This feature is currently available in Observability as Code and will be integrated into the web console in the coming weeks.

Observability as Code with multiple group bys
Observability as Code with multiple group bys

Email Notifications for Service Discovery

Staying on top of your architecture is challenging, especially when new services are added. That’s why we introduced automated email notifications for service discovery. Whenever Baselime discovers a new service in your AWS account, you’ll receive an email to keep you informed.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Improved query speed when there are multiple visualisations on the same key
  • Fixed bug when listing invocations for queries with a IN filter
  • Fixed bug when a workspace owner would receive 403 Forbidden on certain routes after a workspace member role was changed
  • Added sourceip to fields that are automatically obfuscated from telemetry data