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Thu May 18 2023

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Baselime CDK

We understand the value of Observability as Code - it enables you to keep observability as a first-class citizen of your architecture. We’re introducing Baselime CDK, a set of CDK constructs to interact with the Baselime management API directly from your AWS CDK code. Create all your queries, alerts and dashboards within the CDK.

Markers API

You can now create markers using the Baselime API. Markers indicate significant or interesting events that occurred in your architecture, outside of your telemetry data - they’re typically used for deployments and can also be used to mark migrations, outages or system upgrades.

The Baselime Markers API is currently available at Markers will be implemented visually in the console in the coming weeks.

Simplified CLI

The Baselime CLI is continuously being improved based on your feedback (thanks!). We have removed most of the “management” commands in favour of brevity and simplicity. Also, we renamed a few commands to better reflect your understanding of their purpose.

baselime test command
baselime test command
  • Improved the output of baselime test
  • Renamed push command to deploy
  • Renamed environments command to connect
  • Renamed snapshot command to test
  • Deleted alerts commands
  • Deleted destroy command
  • Deleted explain command
  • Deleted queries commands
  • Deleted services commands

Improvements & Fixes

  • Added support for HTTP API Gateway logs
  • Reduced the number of events from CloudTrail, leading to a ~95% reduction in potential AWS costs
  • Fixed timestamp mismatch when “Loading more” logs and invocations in the console
  • Revamped the navigation in the console
  • Allow disabling CloudWatch metrics when connecting a new AWS account to Baselime
  • Improved the trace display with dedicated icons for “Initialisation”, “Overhead” and “Invocation” spans
  • Added support and help chat widget in the console
  • Fixed inconsistent data URL in the CLI when passing an --endpoint in the command arguments
  • Improved the latency of queries with filters or calculations on LogLevel, @initDuration, @duration and @type. You should expect ~40% faster queries
  • Implemented CloudWatch subscription filters protection when connecting your AWS account to Baselime
  • Improved docs throughout