# Tux

Tux is an AI assistant that resolves errors and performance issues in your applications. Tux understands your architecture by leveraging the powers of Baselime to gather context from your telemetry data, and enables you to resolve issues before they become problems.

Tux is your personal observability assistant, equiped with a deep understanding of:

  • Your telemetry data (logs, metrics, traces, wide events, etc.)
  • Your cloud architecture
  • Vast knowledge of open-source code

# Getting started

You can start using Tux as soon as you start sending data to Baselime.

# What data is collected and how is it used?

Tux collects and uses data in the following ways:

  • Prompts and responses: When you use Tux, Baselime collects your prompts and responses to provide the service. Baselime does not use any of our data to train models.

  • Usage data and feedback: Baselime collects usage data and feedback to improve the developer experience.