# Render

Render is a cloud platform for hosting and deploying web applications and websites. It provides a way to securely stream logs from your services deployed on Render to Baselime using the Syslog protocol over TLS.

# Baselime integration

Baselime provides advance logging capabilities for servoces deployed on Render. You can start streaming your logs from Render in a few steps:

# Step 1. Create an environment on Baselime

Navigate to the Baselime console, create and environment and select "Connect Render account".

Once the environment is created, copy the BASELIME_API_KEY.

# Step 2. Create the Log Stream in Render

Navigate to your Render dashboard, select Log Streams, and Add Log Stream.

Log Streams
Log Streams

# Step 3. Configure the Log Stream

  • Set Log Endpoint to syslog.baselime.io:514
  • Set Token to render:BASELIME_API_KEY
  • Add the Log Stream

Add Log Stream
Add Log Stream

# Step 4. Use your logs from Render

Once the Log Stream is created, all your logs from Render will be available in Baselime for searching, queries, dashboard and alerts. No further code changes are required in your code base.