# Koyeb Logs

Koyeb is a serverless platform that enables you to run applications without having to manage servers and infrastructure. You can stream your Koyeb services logs to Baselime using their log exporter.

Streaming logs from Koyeb to Baselime required a Koyeb API Key and a Koyeb Logger service.

# Generate your Koyeb API Key

Generate your Koyeb API Key in 4 steps:

  1. Select the organisation you want to add logging to.
  2. Navigate to "Organization Settings"
  3. Select "API" from left-hand menu
  4. Create new API key and copy it for later

# Create a logger service

Create a Logger service in Koyeb. This service will stream logs from your Koyeb services in real-time to Baselime.

  1. Create a new Docker App in Koyeb
  2. Use the koyeb/log-exporter image with "Tag" v1.0.0-webhook

  1. Add environment variables to the new app

  2. Add the following environment variables:

Variable Name Variable Value
WEBHOOK_URI https://events.baselime.io/v1/koyeb
KOYEB_SERVICE app-name/service-name
  1. Deploy the logger service.

Once the service is deployed logs from your Koyeb application will be available to query in the Baselime console.