# Baselime Winston Transport

Send structured logs to Baselime with winston and the @baselime/winston-transport.

Step 1: Install the Transport

npm i @baselime/winston-transport

Step 2: Set up the Winston Logger with the Baselime Transport.

import winston from 'winston';
import { BaselimeTransport } from '@baselime/winston-transport';

const logger = winston.createLogger({
  transports: [
    new BaselimeTransport({
        baselimeApiKey: 'BASELIME_API_KEY'

Step 3: Use the logger

logger.error("I will display in the Baselime Error Page");
logger.info("Logging with Winston and Baselime is AWESOME", {
    winston: "AWESOME",
    baselime: "AWESOME",
    logging: "AWESOME"

# Configuration

The @baselime/winston-transport takes the following options

Field Type Description
baselimeApiKey string The Baselime API key
dataset string (optional) The dataset name - defaults to winston-logs
service string (optional) The service name
namespace string (optional) The namespace