Discover errors before anyone else

Observability platform that combines logs, metrics, distributed tracing and wide-events to let you discover, prioritize and resolve errors in real-time.

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Connect your cloud account in less than 5mins
Get full observability with no code changes, deploy a CloudFormation stack in less than 5 minutes.
Get visibility across your stack
Stay ahead of issues with real-time errors and error surge alerts.
Detect & solve errors faster
Troubleshoot infrastructure and application errors unbelievably fast with high cardinality data.

Get notified when errors happen

Stop hoping on users to report bugs and issues. Baselime automatically discovers errors in your logs, traces and wide events, and sends you a notification when you need to take action.

Logs, Metrics, and Distributed Tracing

OpenTelemetry is the open standard for generating, collecting, and exporting logs, metrics, and traces from your applications. Intrumentation anything without any vendor lock-in.

High cardinality and dimensionality

Search Anything, Anywhere. High cardinality and high dimensionality are at the core of Baselime. Query against any nested field in your data, and automatically surface anomalies fast.

Troubleshoot at the speed of thought

Search through millions of logs, metrics, and traces in milli-seconds. We built a query engine on top of ClickHouse. This engine enables unbelievably fast queries with high-cardinality and dimensionality.

Your observability
AI Copilot

Chat with your logs and traces. Ask anything in plain English and collaborate with AI to uncover the root cause of errors.

Try Observability as Code

Enforce automation, consistency, and reproducibility across your observability stack with Observability as Code.

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AWS Startup Loft
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Google for Startups
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We ship fast

We use Baselime to observe Baselime, shipping this fast is just normal

Major feature
Company news
We did cool stuff
  • Nov
    First commit
    Joined Antler London
  • Dec
    Ingestion pipelines
  • Jan
    1st private-beta users
    AWS Lambda logs
  • Feb
  • Mar
    Observability as Code
  • Apr
  • May
    Joined Sequoia Arc
  • Jun
    Joined AWS Startup Loft
  • Jul
    Raised pre-seed round
  • Aug
    VS Code extension
  • Sep
    Slack App
    Webhook alerts
  • Oct
    Amazon CloudTrail Events
    GitHub action
    New console
  • Nov
    Amazon API Gateway Logs
    Joined NVIDIA Inception
  • Dec
    Amazon CloudWatch metrics
    OAuth Authentication
  • Jan
    Visual query builder
    CI/CD integrations
  • Feb
    X-Ray Tracing
    OpenTelemetry Tracing
    Observability Templates
  • Mar
    Off-Site: Portugal
  • Apr
    Service discovery
    Errors aggregation
    Baselime AI
  • May
    Baselime CDK
    App Runner Logs
    S3 Archival
    Markers API
    Multi-account & region
  • Jun
    Zero-latency OpenTelemetry
    Joined Google for Startups
  • Jul
    Error Tracking
  • Aug
    Trace Diagrams
    Live Tail
    Container Support

You own your data

All the telemetry data sent to Baselime hot storage is streamed to your AWS Account in AWS S3 buckets for long term-storage. We’re fully GDPR compliant and we guarantee that your data is kept in fully ISO and SOC2 compliant data-centers.

AWS Partner
GDPR Compliant

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