Dashboards that actually tell you the root cause

Baselime dashboards tell you why things are happening. They are all fully dynamic. You can go from spotting something odd to zoning in and investigating further with a single click.

How to build your custom dashboards

Choose your datasets
Select the key metrics you want to monitor. You can use derived metrics from logs and traces and service metrics from your cloud account.
Create Widgets
Effortlessly design your dashboard by creating widgets. Customize charts to visualize data your way.
Share your Dashboards
Collaborate with your team by sharing your custom dashboard. View, monitor and analyze your application together.

Drill down from your dashboards

Baselime dashboards enable you to drill down into the root cause of the trends you’re seeing. Go from dashboard to trace, invocation, log, etc. with a single click.

Let Gen AI help you

Baselime dashboards leverage LLMs so you can identify the cause of specific spikes or trends in the data you’re visualising.

Set up alerts

Go from a dashboard to an alert in just a few clicks. If you see something odd, make sure your team knows about it next time it happens

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the pre-built dashboards customizable?
Is it possible to share my custom dashboards with my team?
What platforms are supported by the pre-built dashboards?
Is there a free trial available for custom dashboards?

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