# Baselime CDK Quick Start

Observability is a first class citizen of your infrastructure with Baselime. You can use the AWS CDK to define and automate your observability configurations in Baselime.

# Installation

Download the Baselime CDK on npm: @baselime/cdk

npm i --save-dev @baselime/cdk
yarn add -D @baselime/cdk
pnpm i --save-dev @baselime/cdk

# Configuration

Initialise the Baselime CDK with your Baselime API Key.

Get your API Key from the Baselime console. Make sure to select an Admin API Key. Admin API keys have the permissions to create resources in your Baselime account.

import { Baselime } from "@baselime/cdk";

Baselime.init(this, {
  apiKey: `<BASELIME_API_KEY>`,

# Example alert

Set up an alert everytime there's an error in your application logs:

import { Alert, filter } from "@baselime/cdk";

new Alert("service-errors", {
  parameters: {
    query: {
      filters: [
        filter.inArray("LogLevel", ["ERROR", "WARN"]),
    channels: [{ type: "slack", targets: ["baselime-alerts"] }]

This alert will notify you on Slack when there is an event with LogLevel equal "ERROR" in your telemetry data.